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About RBL


CI: Corporation Identity

A Symbol of Excellence, World, and Human


RBL Story

Reed Business Law (“RBL”) is a New York law firm specializes in helping companies understand and comply with healthcare laws and regulations. Our attorneys and staff collectively have over 100 years of experience advising international pharmaceutical and medical device companies, both as employees of those companies and as outside consultants. Also, RBL consults clients to form an entity (corporation, LLC, and not-for-profit entity), assist real estate transactions (residential & commercial property), and create estate planning, wills & trusts.


CI Story


Reed Business Law has developed the firm’s growth with client’s success in their business. Hence, RBL’s primary goal is how to provide client-based service to valuable clients. In the logo, a person holds an umbrella while it’s rain. The rain from the sky represents the unexpected legal issues, and the person represents a client. And, the umbrella represents Reed Business Law. The logo is our commitment to valuable clients that we protect the client amid unexpected legal issues.

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